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Divi will change the way you build websites forever. The advanced page builder makes it possible to build truly dynamic pages without learning code.



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Divi will change the way you build websites forever. The advanced page builder makes it possible to build truly dynamic pages without learning code.


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Here’s the Top 5 Mistakes men make in relationships

Whenever more than several women are together for more than half an hour they wind up talking about men.   Unlike men, however, women usually start talking about pet peeves and what they dislike about male behavior and habits within a relationship – while men just typically talk only about what they like about women.   Once you get several of them started it will ultimately turn to pet peeves and the mistakes that men make in their relationships.  Is this natural and normal?  Certainly.  Is it beneficial? -Perhaps but only if men end up being the recipients of this information.  That just happens to be today’s topic.   Below are listed the most often mentioned – or Top 5 – issues or pet peeves that women cite when the subject comes up. 1.  Insufficient attention to the emotional needs of their partner. 2.  Too much time spent out with the guys. 3.  Insufficient participation in the maintenance/upkeep of the home. 4.  Insufficient participation in the management of finances. 5.  Insufficient attention to love, romance and togetherness. If you are a woman and you agree with these as the primary mistakes that men make in their relationships then you should share these with your man and get a consensus or agreement that he is indeed guilty of one or more of these.  They should also be open to hearing from their mate what he believes their primary mistakes – or his list of pet peeves – are or appear to be. Assuming that you confront your partner regarding one or more of the above listed issues that men are... read more

Flirting Tips For Shy Guys

Looking for flirting tips for shy guys? Being shy in the ‘dating game’ can be frustrating to many guys.  Whereas a lot of people are comfortable in bars & clubs, you’re one of those people who probably feel awkward talking to someone in a loud environment.  The good news is there are a few ways you can meet women EVEN if you’re the shyest guy in the world.  In this article, I’m going to reveal THREE quick tips for flirting that will help you meet more women: 1- Have a System One of the best flirting tips I can give you is to create a system that works for you.  The truth is there’s a bit of science to meeting and attracting women.  My first piece of advice is to create a ‘cheat sheet’ that you’ll use to meet women.  This can include conversation starters, topics to discuss and basic flirting techniques.  You’ll find that certain things will work with every woman you meet.  So when you field test something, you can add it to this list. 2- Know Where to Go As I mentioned in the introduction, bars and clubs are not a great place for shy guys to flirt and meet women.  What I recommend is you structure your dating life around NATURALLY meeting women.  This means expanding upon your social circle and simply being proactive about living your life.  You’ll find that doing the things that you love can be an incredible way to meet girls. 3- Understand Sexual Tension The secret ingredient to flirting is to know how to create sexual tension.  This is basically... read more

The 5 Most notorious Mistakes Guys Make In Relationships

A new romantic relationship is a factor of wonder. Each of you’re so excited to have found someone you have so a lot in typical with. You want to invest every waking moment collectively. You adore every thing about each other and appreciate being collectively more than anything. But as time goes by, much from the magic seems to disappear and you wonder what went wrong. As the romantic relationship ages and you turn out to be more comfortable with each other, it is simple to let the little things fall by the wayside. Now both parties are at fault here, but women seem to acquire it more personally when they really feel like they have been ignored or slighted in any way. So what are five mistakes that men make in a romantic relationship? 1. Forget to Compliment – Whenever you are trying to win the girl you allow her know every thing you like about her. You compliment cooking, the way she dresses, etc. Just because you’ve been within the romantic relationship for a although does not mean this can stop. Women like to know whenever you are happy with her and whenever you appreciate what she does. Allow her know – and be sincere! 2. Criticizing – Critiquing how someone does some thing or how they look does not inspire them to change. Actually, several times it has the opposite effect. It’s not healthy for a relationship to have the negativity of criticism. Keep in mind that it takes ten positive comments to undo the damage of one negative one. 3. Ignoring the Emotional – Women... read more

Emotional Infidelity and Emotional Affairs – Why do they happen?

These days, we are hearing much more about emotional affairs or emotional infidelity. If an affair is not physical, surely it isn’t an affair? Why do we have to concern ourselves with this? What problems can come of an emotional affair?  How can we tell if our spouse is having an emotional affair, or emotional infidelity? An emotional affair is not, at this stage, a physical thing . At this stage there are no concerns about unwanted pregnancies, ruined marriages or sexually transmitted diseases. But the human heart is a delicate thing and if you know your partner is not coming to you with their worries or problems, and that they are going to someone else then there is a problem, because someone is getting hurt. The truth is, an emotional affair or emotional infidelity is about how you feel emotionally. You are normally your partners confidante, the other half of them. You are the sounding board, you get the brunt of a bad day at work, and you are the one that gets to hear the whispered secrets and insecurities that we so rarely share . This is part of being in a relationship, the sharing of lives. So when we realize that our partner hasn’t spoken to us for a couple of weeks about anything other than the practicalities of the household, then alarm bells should ring. We need to keep those lines of communication open. But what if we have been hearing our partner chat to someone over the phone, or online with emails or a chat room? And its their number that keeps coming up... read more

Live Chat USA part II

A few months ago i wrote an article on Live Chat USA.  At the time i was writing the article it was just “coming soon”.  However now it seems to be up and working.  I tried it out and it seems to be working fine except for a few functions.  Their tag line is “North America’s hottest new chat line”. Something that is really cool is you have the ability to speak with callers in your local city, in the region in which you live and all over the US.  As a caller you also have the ability to listen to callers who were on the system in the last forty-eight hours.  Mailbox and voice ad personals are also offered, however they are not currently functional.  I like that the system tells the callers how many people are on the system at one time. I entered the “all over the US” category and the system told me that there were 200 callers currently on the line.  As far as chat lines go, this is a lot of callers to be on at one time.  I sent a few messages to the guys on here but they didn’t respond.  I am guessing that they weren’t online any more.  Also their customer service button doesn’t work quite yet.  It just repeats the main menu. You can send and receive messages, live chat requests and leave messages for individuals in their voice mail.  This is a really cool new chat line and its really simple to use.  It looks like they want to offer more for its members in the near future. ... read more

Lava Life Voice Personals

Lava Life Voice Personals is our chatline of the moment Lava life Voice Personals seems to be pretty low-key as far as chat lines go. They were definitely more of my style. The people on the line sound pretty normal and they went into long descriptions about who they would like to meet. Some of the greetings run a little long, the time limit they give goes on for longer than I would like to listen. I find that i can get a sense of a person from a short greeting with a small amount of information. If i would like more information, then i go ahead and send them a message. One thing that Lava Life does well, is making sure people on the line are of age. They seem to be very thorough in their age verification. They have every caller leave a short greeting with their name and age to verify they are over eighteen and on the appropriate side. This greeting gets approved or rejected while you are on the line. If you don’t record this short greeting, they will ask you kindly to call back in to the chat line. Lava Life Personals is giving away $500 worth of lingerie to one lucky woman on the chat line. They are using this as an incentive to keep women on the phone lines longer . This giveaway ends Midnight May 12th, and the longer you stay on, the more chances you have of winning. I think this is a pretty cool prize giveaway for a phone chat line, and since females are free anyway, it... read more