So I recently ran into a few different chat line websites that were different than what I usually see online.  Ambience chat and exotic chat both had similar set ups and must be owned by the same company.  They have the same layout, asking for your name email and phone number.  In order to get a chat line phone number to call into, you must first give them this information about yourself.

It promotes “no membership charges, credit card required or hidden fees”.  Then below there is a list of different states that they offer phone numbers for.  On Ambience chat they list a few different specific cities that they offer phone numbers for.  On exotic chat they just list the states, and after you click on one they list all the specific cities under that state.

On Ambience chat, their description of the chat line talks about their large membership and hot singles available for everyone.  They are open 24/7 and 365 days out of the year.  Their description of the website was full of spelling errors and sounded a little choppy.  If you want people to use your services and take you seriously, then you should probably make sure that your intent is clear and your grammar is correct.

This is also the case with the Exotic chat website.  A lot of their description consists of one long run on sentence.  They promote “Singles from everywhere in the world living in the U.S. looking to meet you tonight”.  They might be a legitimate dating chat line but it takes a lot of trust to give your email address and phone number on a website you haven’t been to before.  The chances that people give that information up that easily are slim to none.

If you are going to ask for information, I can see the email address being one piece to ask for, however I don’t know who would just give out their phone number to get free chat.