On PlentyOfFish.com the free online dating site you can meet people and search for your soul mate.  They claim that if you use their matching system to search through their candidates that you will improve your chances of finding the right person for yourself.  The system filters out people that are not compatible with you. Helping you to narrow down the search for the perfect soul mate.

The relationship chemistry predictor measures 5 groups of your personality that help to get a sense of you as a whole and how you will interact with others in the dating realm.  They ask questions about your self-confidence: to get a sense of personal confidence in both private and public contexts.  Family orientation: to find out how your family fits into your lifestyle.  Self-Control: to measure the extent to which you have or like to have control over yourself or others.  Social dependency/Openness: measuring your openness and dependency on others around you.  Easygoing:  Are you easygoing or do thing have to go your way in order to be happy?  This category asks you questions about this part of your personality.

On plentyoffish dating site they only ask questions in five categories of your life.  This seems to cover some areas but is a bit lacking.  On eHarmony and other dating sites they cover family history, goals, and much more.  They seem to dive deeper into your personality and how you would react to different situations.  Some of them ask so many questions you wonder how many are left.  There is also a page where you can rate others on their appearance on a scale from one to ten of how great a catch they are.  You can also post yourself on there and see what people have to say.

If you are looking for a new pond to search for matches in, this may be the place for you!  Check it out look around and take their chemistry test.  Its free, so have fun and meet some new fish.