Black chat lines left a comment on our blog and asked our viewers to check it out.  They offer chat lines and opportunities for online dating as well.  They don’t seem to be well established as a chat line because they only have 20 phone numbers for people to call into. They cover Florida, Texas, New York, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Virginia, Washington D.C., California and Alabama.

It’s strange to me that they have this odd collection of phone numbers across the state.  It’s not just the East or West coast, it’s all over.

Their website doesn’t really look very legitimate but I signed up for an account anyway.  It takes you to a main page where there are updates just like on Facebook.  There you can see what people were doing and when.  Most of the recent activity was people uploading a picture onto their profile.  It looks like there are quite a few people actually using this service.

So if you are only interested in meeting black singles, and you are a black single, this could be a helpful resource for your dating experience.

When I called into the Oakland, California phone number it went directly to local love personals.  After calling in and finding that this Free Black chat line website was partnered with local lover personals, I went back to and sure enough, the website layout is exactly the same.  They also offer online dating profiles to make your search easier.  However, local love personals have many more chat line numbers to call into.  Also on their website they offer special access codes that you must use when you call in, unless you choose first time caller.

Black chat lines aren’t really their own separate company or dating service.  They must be either owned by the same company or are partners of them.  It’s a little disappointing for callers who just want to meet black singles, because the people calling into the chat line could be calling from that website or local love personals.  Meaning it’s not truly a Black chat line, because everyone else is on there as well.