For those of you looking to speak to people of the same sex there are quite a few options.  Most chat lines do not allow males to be on the female side.  They will kick a male off the female greetings.  I actually tried to go onto the male side as a female on a few different chat lines; however they wouldn’t allow me to be on that side.

Many chat lines have alternatives for bi-sexual or homosexual partners.  The most popular phone chat that I have seen in the newspapers and online is interactive male.   I think this is a good idea for gay males because it gives them a more comfortable spot to be themselves.  Not all men are comfortable hearing other guys on a chat line.  The heterosexual men are there to speak with women not to hear other guys on the line.

In my research there are a few different gay male phone chat options.  1800Gaylive has a happy hour for calling into their chat line.  Between the hours of 6am and 8am on Wednesdays you can talk twice as long as your current time.  Besides these two, interactive male and 1800gaylive, I didn’t find any legitimate sites for gay and lesbian callers.

This explains why chat lines are so particular about checking your gender as well as your age when you call into a system.  They want to keep the males on the male side and the females on the female side.  I have noticed that some chat lines are a little more lenient about having females on the male side.   I personally have tried to get onto both sides and some have offered up their gay chat line.

I think that there should be more chat lines for people to meet friends and new people instead of strictly for dating.  It would be nice for people to just call in to a chat line when they are bored, and you can speak to anyone.  If you are looking for some advice from another male, you can speak with other males.