The Nightline Personals tag-line is “The sexier pick-up line”.  This is an appropriate line for the feel they seem to put out there. The woman’s voice that plays as you go through the prompts sets a tone of an intimate meeting place and the others there sharing your desires.  Even the music is more sensual, not as corny and upbeat as Quest.

However, I am just here to talk to other people in my local area, not to hook-up with some random dude on a chat line.  As an actual dating phone line, this would fall under the “intimate encounters” category.  The men on the line sounded pretty normal and nice, but once I started getting messages they wanted to talk about ‘sex,’ as one of them said.  This wasn’t for me.

Basically, Nightline Personals is the sexy stepsister of Quest.  When it comes to the phone chat realm, they all follow the same rules as everyone else.  Women are always free, there is usually a free trial or 50% off when you purchase through customer service.  Just like Quest, over the phone they only offer one package.

I definitely got a sense of a more serious demeanor on this chat line.  The guys on the line seem to be more particular about the women they were seeking.

Nightline Personals had a few aspects of it I did like.  I thought the option to re-record your greeting was nice.  This option is given after listen to another callers greeting, if you are inspired by someone else’s greeting and want to add to yours, there is that option.  Also the option to go back to the previous greeting is nice for those of us with lead fingers who end up pushing a button too soon on accident.

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