It costs $4.99 per minute to listen to fantasies and have women talk to you over the phone.  They say that your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Once again I am running into these phone lines that only provide a service for males looking for a companion.  Well I shouldn’t use the word companion, but looking for someone.  The way their website is set up doesn’t give this feel; it makes it look as if there are real girls on here that may call in from another number.

A feature that they have on this phone line is a forum of recorded fantasies.  This is a great idea, providing fantasies for men that will always be there for them to listen to.  Granted this line still charges per minute I believe to be on the system.  They promote fulfilling your fantasies and exploring new ones on this chat line.

There is also a confessions line where people have recorded their sexual confessions for others to listen to.  I wonder if they hire people to get on here and record these or what.  It’s definitely like nothing else around!  Technically this isn’t a chat line.  They don’t have more than one number and they don’t ask whether you are male or female.  The voice you listen to on the line is very sensual and sexy.  They ask you right away to enter your credit card information.

On the website, they say that once you get signed up you can have their private secretary provide you with women who best fit your needs.  Also you only speak with people you want to for as long as you want to.

This is another option for men who just want phone sex and aren’t interested in talking with real females.  They can call into these lines without any hassle and for a fee speak with women who really know what they want.