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Looking for a secret

Secret Encounters is a new chat line system that I found online today.  They have four different commercials for this new fun chat.  You can use their services for finding locals in your area to chat with or for hook ups.  They talk about both in the commercials and it seems that people are on […]

Lets all Web Date

Web date calls themselves “the world’s best dating and chat site for local singles chat and online dating personals”.  Using their service you can find interesting people to flirt and connect with.  They make it easy to browse through the member profiles and have a lot of diversity in their profiles. Something that is unique […]

Love to Know

Free local singles chat line an article on lovetoknow.com.  This website has a plethora of information for those looking to date online or over the phone.  This article talks about chat lines that are advertised as free, however they are charging per minute or per package.  They mention Talk121 as one of the only chat […]

Live Chat USA

I found a new chat line online.  It’s called Live Chat USA and according to its website it’s “coming soon” for our enjoyment.  The layout of the website is easy to use and all the phone numbers are listed on the first landing page for easy access.  This looks like a legitimate chat line where […]

Desires Chat

In order to use desires chat line, you have to register using your name, email and telephone number.  I personally do not give out my email just to test out a chat line.  It seems like people may be deterred by this request for information right off the bat. There are no membership fees, no […]

Dating Websites, how to choose

This and newer generations are relying more and more on the internet for entertainment and communication.  We start to see an increase in anything and everything internet based.  More and more internet dating sites are popping up around the globe.  It’s getting easier to meet people without even leaving the house.  A few of my […]

Are you in it for a date?

Are you just looking for phone sex and not wanting to get to know people on the chatline?  Then i have the perfect chatline for you.  It is called the Phone Sex Chatline.  Their tag line reads “Cheap phone sex” and also they are promoting free nasty phone sex. It is completely free for women […]

Some Information About Single Seniors

Some Tips About Single Seniors Most single seniors do not get as much attention in this day and age. Everyone should remember that they could be without family or possibly friends. Because of that, they might not get to be as social. If you fit into this age group, do not let it get you […]

The Chatterbox

This is a party line chat line for people to meet other adults on the phone.  If you break the rules you will be temporarily or permanently banned from the party lines. You get to choose if you want to stay in a room. There is an upstairs or downstairs room.  There are over 10,000 […]

Party lines, taking a closer look

It seems to be an up and coming trend to join a party line.  They are popping up more and more in the chat line realm.  A lot of party lines give the option for people to run their own group or room, specific to a particular group or hobby that members hold.  Some people […]

Phone Chat can be fun!

Phone chat is a great way to meet new people if you are new to an area.  It can help you to broaden your horizons and open up to others.  It’s easier than speed dating or blind dates because there is no pressure for those involved.  Two people can get to know each other in […]

Lesbians want to chat too

Lesbian chat is on the way up in the industry.  I found a chat line directed towards women who want to speak with other women.  It is called Lavender line and it is only for women.  They are a partner company with live links.  It promotes itself as one of the best place for lesbians, […]

Gay Chat lines

For those of you looking to speak to people of the same sex there are quite a few options.  Most chat lines do not allow males to be on the female side.  They will kick a male off the female greetings.  I actually tried to go onto the male side as a female on a […]

OK Cupid

This is dating website that is easy to use and fairly popular.  I am not sure what kind of people use this website, but it is promoted as a dating site with more intelligent people than any of the other dating sites.  Each match has a place for either a self summary on their profile […]

How To Get A Girlfriend Back

Lost that girl, the one who made your world complete? What to find out how to get a girlfriend back? You can try many ways, some of which we will highlight here. But you need to make sure that you make your ideas are genuine. Most women need romance from their men, and the more […]