Night Explosion…

Night Exchange has proven me wrong.  OK, so I thought Nightline Personals was the sexy stepsister- well, Night Exchange offers “Mind BLOWING Chat”.  Therefore they are the sexiest of them all!  Mind blowing chat,  I am not quite sure what this means for us girls calling into the line.  I can see how guys might take that particular saying.  The website is riddled with pictures of suggestively dressed women and seductive words pasted across the page.

The Night exchange is always free to listen to, which means there must be something pretty stimulating happening on the line most of the time.  At least that’s what is portrayed on the website as well as on the phone line.  It sets the tone with a deep, seductive sounding woman’s voice and the sensual background music.

It must be pretty popular with the boys, because when i got on the line there were 100 callers, 80 of these were men.  None of which were in my area, unfortunately.  One thing i did like that Night Exchange does was that they told the total number of caller on the chat line, and then later they tell you have many of the opposite sex.  I don’t know where most of the callers were calling in from.

Another capability i found very interesting is the ability to eavesdrops on other callers.  There is something that if you enable it in your settings other callers will be able to listen in on your private messages.  As a caller you also have to ability to stop others from eavesdropping on your conversation.  It is a function that can be turned on and off.  This now makes sense that their line would be “always free to listen,” because of this functionality that gives this phrase a completely different meaning.

The Night Exchange is a sensual more seductive place to meet others by phone chat.  This is the place for a one-time meet up or a sexual conversation.  It sounds like the guys on this line are there for normal reasons, however anyone who has visited the website probably has other ideas for the conversation.

The website for Night Exchange is