Live Chat USA part II

A few months ago i wrote an article on Live Chat USA.  At the time i was writing the article it was just “coming soon”.  However now it seems to be up and working.  I tried it out and it seems to be working fine except for a few functions.  Their tag line is “North America’s hottest new chat line”.

Something that is really cool is you have the ability to speak with callers in your local city, in the region in which you live and all over the US.  As a caller you also have the ability to listen to callers who were on the system in the last forty-eight hours.  Mailbox and voice ad personals are also offered, however they are not currently functional.  I like that the system tells the callers how many people are on the system at one time.

I entered the “all over the US” category and the system told me that there were 200 callers currently on the line.  As far as chat lines go, this is a lot of callers to be on at one time.  I sent a few messages to the guys on here but they didn’t respond.  I am guessing that they weren’t online any more.  Also their customer service button doesn’t work quite yet.  It just repeats the main menu.

You can send and receive messages, live chat requests and leave messages for individuals in their voice mail.  This is a really cool new chat line and its really simple to use.  It looks like they want to offer more for its members in the near future.  So stick around for the cool things Live Chat USA will have to offer.  Did you find this review helpful?

Making Connections With These Chat Lines

Connections chat line

I am a little confused, I called into the line and when I heard the first greetings they sounded familiar.  I was wondering where I heard this before.  Looking back at my notes I found that It was almost exactly the same as the talk 121 chat line.  This seems really strange to me.

Also when I tried to navigate away from this page it led me to something called MILF amateur match.  Then I tried to back out again and it went to another site which was asking me to stay on this site.  It seems kind of fishy so I exited out of the site completely.  I don’t understand why a site would make it difficult for you to leave.  They should know better by now, if a person is going to use your services they will.  If you provide a valuable service it will get used and become liked by customers.

I think it is sleazy when companies try to rope you into buying something by making you wait to exit a page.  So this website and chat line is really confusing.  Since they sound like one chat line, and they send you another site as well, what are you supposed to think about their chat line service?  I am not even sure if they offer local phone chat.  They listed a bunch of numbers from around the nation, but they all had the same area code.  Also the “nation wide” number had that same area code on it.  That can’t be.  Every area has its own area code- we cant have a 218 area code in Texas as well as New York, can we?

So try a real chatline like Dallas Chatlines or Live Links.

Looking for a secret

Secret Encounters is a new chat line system that I found online today.  They have four different commercials for this new fun chat.  You can use their services for finding locals in your area to chat with or for hook ups.  They talk about both in the commercials and it seems that people are on the system for a multitude of different reasons.

They had options in the main menu for both live talk and voice personals (mailbox).  I immediately entered the area that gives first time users directions to use the system properly.  They gave a very nice explanation of how things work and how to navigate the chat line.  They also gave tips on how to be safe, and still have fun.  You can be fun, flirty and friendly on this chat line without having to worry about who you are talking to and where the people on the line are from.  If you would like to make a new friend or one with benefits- this is the place to do it.  No commitment, no ties, only fun times!

I really like the feature on Secret Encounters chat line that asks you to press 9 in order to agree to be over 18 and also fully accept all terms and conditions.  Besides that it works basically the same way as many other local phone chat does.  They ask for a recorded greeting and a name, and you also have the option of connecting live with caller’s right there on the system.  As a caller you can block, send messages, and have a voice mail box all on this chat line.  It is simple to use and helpful for first timers.

When you hear a noise like a ringing phone you can connect live by pressing any key.  I didn’t get any live connection requests while I was on the system but it would have been interesting to hear if you can actually tell who is asking you to connect live.  Does it just ring? Or do you get the option to hear a message from the caller?  I thought that the greetings on this chat line system would be raunchy and gross, but people were fairly normal- some shared more than others.  By the sound of the commercials they advertise as a sexy fun time.  So call into Secret Encounters for local phone chat.

Looking for Christian Chat?

This seems similar to the website i found a few days ago called Singles Chat line, which was unfortunately a fake chat line.  It talks about having fun and meeting new people, for an enthralling time with other singles.  They offer Christian phone chat, Christian Chat room, and Christian chat.  These are all the same number.  When i called the number it didn’t connect to anything, it just said they couldn’t be reached. I don’t know why people would be advertising false information and fake chat lines out there.

Private Lines

Private lines chat has a lot to offer!  You can browse through their members, some of which have actual pictures of themselves on their profile, some just showing avatars.  It seems to be a fairly new website and offers free local phone numbers to call.   They have one website for their Private lines, and the other completely separate website for private lines chat.  Unfortunately all the numbers in their list of local numbers are on the east coast/south United States.  No numbers for those of us on the west coast yet.

This seems like an upbeat chat line system, and the people on here sound pretty normal.  In order quickly enter the system and start listening to other people’s greetings you press the star key to get into the “Express way” and talk with others.  I was getting a bit of static on my line when I called in.  It was really difficult to hear the main menu options so I had to loop through them for a second time.  You can either enter the express way to hear others ads, or if you are looking for someone specific on the system, you can use their “quick chat” feature.  This finds the person you are looking for quickly and easily.

I really like that they have the rules of the system located in one place.  They tell you to listen to them because it has their disclaimers, how the system works and a few guidelines to follow when using their services. When I called in there were 8 women and 14 men on the system at the same time.  They also tell you how many calls to the system they have gotten since 12 o’ clock.  It was a little over a thousand calls that they have received today.

I was listening through other caller’s greetings and after the greeting played, there is a long pause and then they tell you what to do on the line whether you would like to respond connect live or go to the next, or the previous greeting.  I didn’t receive any messages while I was on the system because I was on there as a guest.  Also a lot of the callers didn’t have a recorded ad or greeting but they were live on the system, and I could connect with them immediately.  So if you are looking for a fun time, on the east coast, call Private Lines Chat.  They also have a social media site that you can visit.

What All Men Want from Women – The Answer

In our previous article on the subject – “What Men Want from Women – The Question” – we attempted to bring clarity to this vexing subject that is so over analyzed in our culture that we felt its true definition and correct placement in the cosmos justified a separate article.  Now, in this article, its twin, complimentary piece – The Answer – we feel sufficiently understood so as to take on the gigantic challenge of answering this age old question – What Men Want from Women.

As previously acknowledged Men want the Big 5 – Love, Trust, Admiration, Respect, and Fidelity.  We want all of these, need all of these, treasure title to all of them, and revel in beholding all of them.   Also, as previously acknowledged and defined, we desperately want and genuinely need the Bigger 5 that can be viewed as or defined as: How we are treated, lived with, interacted with, participated with, and empowered.  We sincerely believe that this literally defines the entire world of masculinity.

Defining the Big 5 is not the subject of this article; defining the Bigger 5 is.

1.  How a Man is Treated (or Toleration) – This refers to the freedom to simply be Male in all and with all its uniqueness and idiosyncratic complexities.

2.  How a Man is Lived With (or Unaltered Acceptance)- This gets into the way in which a man is allowed to be his natural self, since the more natural he is allowed to be the happier he is to return home after a really tough day.  Men have no natural barriers to anything physical and so we do things that women are expected to be blissfully free of – like flatulence, spitting, and the like.  These and all their similarities should be greeted with quiet contribution to his feeling and being accepted “as is”.

3.  How a Man is Interacted With (or Informed Communication) – This just mean an awareness of what talking to a man is really all about.   While this subtopic greatly transcends the boundaries of a simple article, an example should suffice.  Men treat human interaction as being appropriate and necessary only when it contributes to survival or the attainment of an equally important task or goal which contributes thereto.   Knowing things like this will help every woman comprehend the challenges of effective, appropriate and just plain smart interaction.

4.  How a Man is Participated With ( or Deference) – This – the most widely misunderstood of the Bigger 5 – means simply allowance of the male to have preferential input or control of seemingly unimportant issues.   A silly example should suffice here:  Selecting the Restaurant for dinner after a day-long drive on vacation is of little consequence here and can quite literally be left to the children.  The choice of the nights lodging site is totally in the province of the Alpha Male because it is both territorial and protective.   Okay?

5.  How a Man is Empowered (or Ruling Dominion) – This refers to the instant and total deferring to the male his ownership-of-ruling on those things that biology has given and demanded of him – without question or discussion.   He signals these by his tone and the loudness of his voice.  This is his monarchical presence or dominion. It is prized above all other things except Love.

If you are really trying to get ex back from a breakup where mistakes in the Bigger 5 were made, or if you are planning to win your ex back, a thorough understanding of these issues of unknown importance by women will help to get your ex back.

Love to Know

Free local singles chat line an article on  This website has a plethora of information for those looking to date online or over the phone.  This article talks about chat lines that are advertised as free, however they are charging per minute or per package.  They mention Talk121 as one of the only chat lines that actual offer anything for free.  Although they have it on there as a free trial number, they are the only guys being honest that this is only a trial. 

I have personally called into both the trial number and the local numbers and they seem like similar services, however the local numbers are there for your local area.  As a male caller things are never really that free.  You may get to try out a system for a bit but then you end up having to purchase something at some point. Depending upon what chat line you call into, the point may be different.  Some chat is free, while other features are paid.

This article talks specifically about MyMobileLine and how their site works.  They ask you for your area code that you are looking to chat in.  After they receive this information apparently they will give you a local number and next this they state the area code you entered as “the most popular” chat line of them all.  Conveniently enough so is Oklahoma City, Madison, New York City et cetera, et cetera.  They also talk about who is on the chat line, and that some of the women on here are fake.  I am not sure what they mean by this, but I guess some chat lines ‘plant’ women on the lines in order to get them to stay longer.  Also some of the phone chat that is paid by minute, has a woman on the other end of the phone just there to please the guys calling in.

They also give tips for being safe on the chat line.  Some of these tips are just common sense, but it still happens.  Don’t give your location and work out to people on the phone system; you never know what people may do with this information.You now can

Live Chat USA

I found a new chat line online.  It’s called Live Chat USA and according to its website it’s “coming soon” for our enjoyment.  The layout of the website is easy to use and all the phone numbers are listed on the first landing page for easy access.  This looks like a legitimate chat line where real people might like to chat with like-minded individuals.

This phone service is free for women and free for men to browse female greetings any time.  In order to connect live with other callers men must have a purchased membership.  I really like the format and layout of this chat line, it makes things clear and it has a question and answer portion explaining how to use the system properly.  They also offer an affiliate program for those looking to get into making money online.  However the link is missing to access the information about their affiliate program.  Also when I clicked on the tab that read affiliates, it says this feature is coming soon.

They also have a tab for dating tips where they go into detail about how to maximize the benefits of using this chat line to date over the phone.  They have a lot of numbers listed on the website, all the way from Alabama to Wyoming.  When I called in there weren’t many people on the line.  I believe this is a new chat line.  It sounds fun and young; it would be a good place to meet new people to date.

If I were dating and using phone chat as a mode to meet new people I would definitely try this service out for a little bit. It may become busier as time goes on, however it doesn’t look like many people know much about it.  Go check it out for yourself and let us know what you think at local-phone-chat.

Desires Chat

In order to use desires chat line, you have to register using your name, email and telephone number.  I personally do not give out my email just to test out a chat line.  It seems like people may be deterred by this request for information right off the bat.

There are no membership fees, no credit card required, no hidden charges.  They offer real men and women, local people, discreet use and you can call in anytime (as with most chat lines).  You can connect live with people on this chat line along with private messaging.  It looks like they offer most of what is offered on other dating lines as well.

I believe that desires chat is either a partner or associated with ambience chat because they have a typo on their website when giving tips for desires chat.  They give a few tips to be you, be outgoing and have fun!  You want to give people a good sense of who you are without giving out too much information.  It’s always fun to meet new people and phone chat is a less invasive way to get to know others.

However I looked up the company that owns desires chat and they are also connected to a bunch of different chat lines.  Chat line Network LLC is connected to Azul chat, exotic chat, and Local free chat line.  They are a marketing company that works with dating and social chat lines.  They are partners with TeleChat USA, which provides chat line services.  They have over 14years of experience in the industry.

If you are looking for a new place to chat with other singles, this may be an option for you.  However since I wasn’t willing to give my email and contact information on this site, I couldn’t call in.  If you are daring enough to give this information feel free to check out desires chat.

Are you in it for a date?

Are you just looking for phone sex and not wanting to get to know people on the chatline?  Then i have the perfect chatline for you.  It is called the Phone Sex Chatline.  Their tag line reads “Cheap phone sex” and also they are promoting free nasty phone sex. It is completely free for women to be on here and the men can call in the free trial number, however if they call their local number they will be charged.

They offer a no strings attached hook-up with others in the same mindset.  If you want to just interact with someone over the phone, with out the commitment of a dating chatline or website then this is an appropriate place to go.  For those of you looking for a relationship or something long term then do not call here!

Some people are just on other chatlines to find a sex partner or someone to have phone sex with.  A lot of people use this as a non-committal way of cheating on their spouses.  Most are singles looking for some fun.  I have called into this chatline and there is a lot of taboo talk and sex related conversations.

It is on the extremely opposite side of the spectrum than something like Quest personals or  They offer online dating for people to eventually end up in a long term relationships.  I think that the phone sex chatline is more appealing to males, especially by the half naked pictures on the website, it shows that it is definitely an adult site.

The Chatterbox

This is a party line chat line for people to meet other adults on the phone.  If you break the rules you will be temporarily or permanently banned from the party lines. You get to choose if you want to stay in a room. There is an upstairs or downstairs room.  There are over 10,000 private rooms.  You can get the extension number and have all your friends meet u there.

The website they give on the phone directs you to uncensored party line website.  Once I chose a room it told me there were zero people there.  I tried to get out of it but for some reason it wouldn’t let me back out.  It was kind of odd to think that you can’t back out of a room once you enter it.  What if there aren’t any people in any of the rooms and I’m the only person on here?

It is funny that they are advertising as a completely different chat line even though they just connect back to the original party line, the uncensored party line.  I am not sure if it is the same exact system as the uncensored party line or even if they had the same callers on there.  It was pretty weird that I found chatterbox on a forum however I couldn’t find a website or anything about the business.

Anyway it wasn’t that exciting as a party line seems like it would be.  There wasn’t any background music or anything that made me want to stay on the line for longer.  I think it could be fun, but if everyone decides to talk at the same time there is no way you could have an intimate conversation with another person.  It’s all pretty out in the open, unless you tell someone to meet with you in a different room or give them your personal number.

As far as using this service to meet other singles on the internet, I would necessarily suggest it.  There could be a whole lot of weird people on here that you don’t really have the option to not talk to.  The way it works is you are all in a room and anyone can say anything to you.  There are no prompts playing for direction or asking if you want to send a message, it’s just open chat.

Party lines, taking a closer look

It seems to be an up and coming trend to join a party line.  They are popping up more and more in the chat line realm.  A lot of party lines give the option for people to run their own group or room, specific to a particular group or hobby that members hold.  Some people have gay party lines, black party lines, or party lines that are made for people with similar interests.

This particular website is made for local areas in Canada for locals to call in.  They offer ads, jokes, stories and more on the party line and they don’t give much description of what they are all about.  What is cool is that each number has a different page and description about it, and how many people are currently on the line.

If you know a lot of people on the chat line or you just want to get to know a group of people better that don’t live in your immediate area, party lines are for you.  You can have a bunch of people meet you in these rooms to talk about whatever you want.  It’s very interesting because I found the chatterbox phone number on a random forum and decided to call it.  There it played a females voice and gave the disclaimers and rules.  However, when I called the number from the website, it plays a male voice and is a bit different.

I entered the first party line room which had five callers in it.  One person was playing music so it was hard to hear anyone else.  Two of the other callers were telling the person to stop their music or to turn it down.  Going in to a chat line or a party line and playing music basically defeats the purpose of the whole room.  If you can’t hear the other people in there, then what are you doing there?

Phone Chat can be fun!

Phone chat is a great way to meet new people if you are new to an area.  It can help you to broaden your horizons and open up to others.  It’s easier than speed dating or blind dates because there is no pressure for those involved.  Two people can get to know each other in a more intimate setting and not feel nervous about what the other is thinking.

Previously phone dating or chat has been seen as shady and somewhere for people getting into bad situations or illegal activities.  Now with companies like eHarmony, and other dating websites this has brought more light onto the industry of phone dating.  Singles can meet other singles from their local areas without leaving the house.   Also women are usually free.

Some party lines have different groups or clubs that others will be organized within.  This can help narrow down specific types of people and so forth.  Try them out first.  Just because you get signed up with one chat line doesn’t mean you are linked to them for good. Have fun and play around, it’s easy to get into the groove of things when you are meeting new people and going new places with your conversations.

The fun part about the free trials for men is that they can give a chat line a try, but not have to put any money into it until they are really sure they want to.  This gives the customer the capability to roam the industry and not have to shell out too much money.

Find a chat line that suites your needs.  Some are specific to race or can be promoted as a particular group of people.  Most of them can be found on the internet first, before needing to search too far.  A lot of them promote having hot local singles on their line.  So call in and see if they are actually providing what they promise.  Don’t be afraid to meet new people and have fun with it.

Lesbians want to chat too

Lesbian chat is on the way up in the industry.  I found a chat line directed towards women who want to speak with other women.  It is called Lavender line and it is only for women.  They are a partner company with live links.  It promotes itself as one of the best place for lesbians, or bi curious females to meet others for friendship, dating or relationships.  Some of the features that lavender line offers are as follows.

They have a live connector where you can request a connection with those whose greetings you have listened to.  You can also send and receive messages as well as block or unblock all callers.  There is also a feature to flag callers.  If you hear someone on the chat line that should not be on there it is their way of letting people on the phone line help to keep it clean.  For example, anyone who is underage, of the wrong gender or someone who is saying inappropriate things.  This allows the people on the back end of things to help keep everything safer.

It didn’t look like you could purchase minutes online, but it spoke about purchasing minutes as if you could do it from the website.  In order to get a phone number for your area you choose your state from a list on the main page.  They had five numbers for my area, and a free trial code for me to try out.  The free trials are available for first time callers only.

I think it is a good idea to have an all girl’s chat line.  It doesn’t have to be just for heterosexual or homosexual women.  It is a nice idea, and I think it could be helpful for people to have a place where they would be able to talk to other women and make friends.