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Live Chat USA part II

A few months ago i wrote an article on Live Chat USA.  At the time i was writing the article it was just “coming soon”.  However now it seems to be up and working.  I tried it out and it seems to be working fine except for a few functions.  Their tag line is “North […]

Making Connections With These Chat Lines

Connections chat line I am a little confused, I called into the line and when I heard the first greetings they sounded familiar.  I was wondering where I heard this before.  Looking back at my notes I found that It was almost exactly the same as the talk 121 chat line.  This seems really strange […]

Looking for a secret

Secret Encounters is a new chat line system that I found online today.  They have four different commercials for this new fun chat.  You can use their services for finding locals in your area to chat with or for hook ups.  They talk about both in the commercials and it seems that people are on […]

Looking for Christian Chat?

This seems similar to the website i found a few days ago called Singles Chat line, which was unfortunately a fake chat line.  It talks about having fun and meeting new people, for an enthralling time with other singles.  They offer Christian phone chat, Christian Chat room, and Christian chat.  These are all the same […]

Singles chat line isn’t really a chat line

Singles chat lines tag line is “Come meet others like you instantly”.  They have a fun and exciting looking website where they offer other services such as singles phone line, singles telephone chat lines, singles partly line and singles voice personals.  They also promote this as 100% free and fun.  However when I called the […]

Private Lines

Private lines chat has a lot to offer!  You can browse through their members, some of which have actual pictures of themselves on their profile, some just showing avatars.  It seems to be a fairly new website and offers free local phone numbers to call.   They have one website for their Private lines, and the […]

What All Men Want from Women – The Answer

In our previous article on the subject – “What Men Want from Women – The Question” – we attempted to bring clarity to this vexing subject that is so over analyzed in our culture that we felt its true definition and correct placement in the cosmos justified a separate article.  Now, in this article, its […]

Lets all Web Date

Web date calls themselves “the world’s best dating and chat site for local singles chat and online dating personals”.  Using their service you can find interesting people to flirt and connect with.  They make it easy to browse through the member profiles and have a lot of diversity in their profiles. Something that is unique […]

Hints For Wonderful Disabled Dating To Find Love

Dating is difficult for most people, who want to meet others, working up the courage to introduce themselves, but it can be even more overwhelming if you’re disabled. But you’re in luck, more and more locations are emerging every day that serve disabled singles, there’s no reason a disabled person should count themselves out of […]

Live Chat USA

I found a new chat line online.  It’s called Live Chat USA and according to its website it’s “coming soon” for our enjoyment.  The layout of the website is easy to use and all the phone numbers are listed on the first landing page for easy access.  This looks like a legitimate chat line where […]

Desires Chat

In order to use desires chat line, you have to register using your name, email and telephone number.  I personally do not give out my email just to test out a chat line.  It seems like people may be deterred by this request for information right off the bat. There are no membership fees, no […]

Are you in it for a date?

Are you just looking for phone sex and not wanting to get to know people on the chatline?  Then i have the perfect chatline for you.  It is called the Phone Sex Chatline.  Their tag line reads “Cheap phone sex” and also they are promoting free nasty phone sex. It is completely free for women […]

The Chatterbox

This is a party line chat line for people to meet other adults on the phone.  If you break the rules you will be temporarily or permanently banned from the party lines. You get to choose if you want to stay in a room. There is an upstairs or downstairs room.  There are over 10,000 […]

Party lines, taking a closer look

It seems to be an up and coming trend to join a party line.  They are popping up more and more in the chat line realm.  A lot of party lines give the option for people to run their own group or room, specific to a particular group or hobby that members hold.  Some people […]

Phone Chat can be fun!

Phone chat is a great way to meet new people if you are new to an area.  It can help you to broaden your horizons and open up to others.  It’s easier than speed dating or blind dates because there is no pressure for those involved.  Two people can get to know each other in […]