Quest Chat Limits Choice

Quest Personals is one of the most well-known chat lines of them all.  Most people have seen the commercials, and noticed their large ads in the newspaper.  So I started wondering: What’s the difference between them and the other chat lines? How have they made such a big name for themselves?

The other day I had the chance to call into quest.  It’s been a while since I have been on the line.  I like to call in to talk to friendly people in my local area.  And I noticed there were quite a few males on there.

I was curious to see what kind of hoops the guys on the line have to jump through, and how many girls actually get on as well.  They make it a little harder for those guys just to talk to us girls on the line.

The guys actually have to pay! They only have one choice! Quest Personals only sells one package, one-hundred and sixty minutes for forty-nine dollars.  This seems very limited for a chat line that has been around as long as Quest.  Don’t the guys want more choices?  The guys that are on these lines must really want to be there, unless they are using a free trial.

They play this corny elevator music, with a female voice explaining your options.  I feel like the music is a little cheesy.  Is it supposed to make us to take the chat line more seriously?  If so, I think it had the opposite effect on me.

However, it is quick and easy to get on the phone with people in your local area.  You can also broaden your search by listening to those within your “driving area”, or all over the U.S.

Just like every other chat line, you can visit their website and immediately have access to a local phone number to call into.

When you get into the category and start listening to other people’s greetings, they tell you how many people are on the line.  I was told there were 29 males on the line.  Unfortunately this is the total number of male callers, and it doesn’t tell you only 5-6 of those were in my local calling area.

Quest has a few redeeming qualities, but I still haven’t figured out why they are so much more popular than the next chat line.  Remember this when calling into a number from Quest Personals.