Tango Personals is basically the same chat line as Live Links, with a different name and different phone numbers.  What is there to say about a repeat?  It takes quite a bit of time to get going on the chatline. There is a long introduction into the main menu, and they bombard you with so many options at the beginning i cant even remember half of them.

As I am doing reviews on these chat lines, it is becoming apparent that a lot of these are owned by the same company, or they are sister chat lines.  Even the websites with these two match up.  The layout is exactly the same, with a different color combination. The female voices are different on each of the dating phone lines, but they say the same things. The music may also be different, but if the two chatlines are offering the same functions in the same places on the main menu they are probably owned or run by the same company

A nice feature is the ability to block a caller, but on tango personals and live links, you can report a really inappropriate caller to the moderator.  I think this is a good function that can prove to keep callers feeling safe on the line. With any dating chat line people can feel vulnerable or attacked by another caller. Its always comforting to have the ability to block another caller. Tango takes this one step further, with the possibility to report a caller to the moderator.

Tango Personals has some of the same features as Live Links, like mailbox, hot list and an offer for a Latino chat line.  However, something different from Live Links is there is a connecting number to a psychic phone number. Which is a funny functionality for a phone dating service to offer.
Check out their website at www.tangopersonals.com