Top Five Best Chat line Websites

1. Mega Mates
As far as websites for phone dating goes, Mega Mates would have to take first place. Their landing page is the most interesting and provides the most for the reader. They have tabs for information on the hows and what’s of phone dating. They have options for dating online and you can create a profile from this page.

2. Dallas Chat lines
I love the black background and the designs on this website. There aren’t that many phone numbers, but the website looks pretty organized. They have a little video playing in the header area with people dancing and having a good time. I like that there is more creativity involved here, like it’s not just about the phone numbers, but also about people having fun.

3. Lava Life Voice
Lava Life’s website plays a little voice intro when you get onto the site. There is only one phone number on the front page. Below the fold they have all of their dating information as well as links to their online dating website. However they are so small and at the very bottom of the page it’s easy to get lost in all the other text.

4. Quest
Quest’s website is sort of basic and doesn’t really offer much information up on the first glance. However they have a box on the landing page where you can enter your area code and it takes you to a page with your local phone numbers. On the bottom of the page they have their tabs for different information, but it’s hard to see and nothing too exciting.

5. Tango Personals
Tango Personals Is quite similar to Quest, because it asks for your local area code and then it sends you to another page with numbers for your area. Their tabs are clear on the top and it is easy to navigate around the page. I just like the feel and ease of this website, classic clean and organized.