Uncensored Party line is exactly what it sounds like it is. People call into one phone number and then they can choose a ‘party room’ where others are waiting to chat. As a caller, these services are free and you can connect privately with anyone on the line. In order to get into a private conversation with another caller, you must get the last two digits of their phone number. Once you have these you punch them in and you are instantly connected with them.

This phone chat line also offers the opportunity for a caller to start their own party line. If you feel up to running your own line they allow this to happen. They also offer phone conferencing and people can use their services to connect multiple lines at once. This is also a free service.

There are a lot of directions to be able to move freely through the system. You have to push a particular sequence of keys in order to go back to the main menu or to control the volume on your call. In order to connect to a particular room you have to be in the main menu to get there. There seems to be excessive directions on the website, making it difficult to remember everything.

There are at least thirty party lines on their website, catering to different niches. The names of these phone chat rooms range from the playas club line to the candy land line. If you find something interesting you can choose to call into that individual phone number.

Party line Uncensored is based out of Minnesota and there is only one phone number for it. It seems to be a lot different from basic chat lines. It is all free, so I am wondering how they would make money to keep their business going. It doesn’t talk about meeting hot singles or dating in your area. This is something new for the chat line industry.